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In Adventures in Zombiewood, you and your crew are out to shoot the best zombie movie remake ever!  One problem, the world is overrun with zombified Z-list celebrities (Z-lebrities, for short) so this isn't JUST a movie.  No stunt doubles, no make-up team, no special effects.  Fight your way through 3 Acts of 4 Scenes each as you frantically roll your dice to knock out the Z-lebrities and scavenge for more movie props before time runs out.  And just when you think you have finished, be prepared for the fight with the HORDE that awaits you at the end of your film.

Adventures in Zombiewood features:

  • High intensity cooperative challenges with individual gameplay

  • Lightning fast dice-puzzle action in real time

    • Use the included sand timer or the web/app-based timer with mood-setting soundtrack - featuring Mark Dodson (voice actor for the zombies in George Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD)​              You are listening to Mark's work right NOW !!! 

  • Unlimited replayability with unique character types, themed locations (with gameplay modifiers), and a variety of choices

  • Packed with puns, dark humor, and countless references ​to the greatest classic/modern zombie films.

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MSRP: $45


plus shipping

Contiguous US purchases only

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Full Color

Graphic Comic

eBook Upgrade

ONLY $2.99

# 1
New Release Amazon
June 2020

For international purchase, please contact

directly to discuss additional shipping charges

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What do you get?

54 Actor cards

40 Z-lebrity cards

48 Item cards

22 Location cards

15 Custom dice

5 Plot Twist cards

5 Six-shooter hexes

30 Bullet tokens

36-page Comic

    (included in rulebook)

60-second sand timer

A plethora of puns &

    zombie movie references!

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Horde Hand (white).png
Horde Hand (white).png
Horde Hand (white).png
Horde Hand (white).png
Horde Hand (white).png
Horde Hand (white).png
Horde Hand (white).png
Horde Hand (white).png
Horde Hand (white).png
Horde Hand (white).png

Looking for the web-based timer for this game? Click here

Get in the game!

Limited Time Offer

During our Kickstarter, we provided individuals the opportunity to be included as Actors (or Z-lebrities) in our game.  Now that our game is out there infecting game tables around the world, we would like to give a similar opportunity to ANYONE who is interested.  We are offering (for a limited time) the ability to get a custom card of YOU that would be playable in your copy of Adventures in Zombiewood!  You get your very own Actor card (see below for details) that would be sent to you for use in your game - personalized from your headshot on your Actor side (along with your favorite movies/series) down to your customized zombified self on the back!  See below for all the details and sign up while the offer lasts!

Be a Zombie.png

To get an Actor card for your game

ONLY $75!

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(Note: this price does NOT include a copy of the game)

For questions or to submit your information for your card, contact:

When submitting information for your card, please provide the following:

  • The email for your Paypal account used in purchase

  • 1 picture (waist up) in zombie pose

  • 1 picture (shoulders up) for headshot for Actor side

  • List of at least 6 of your favorite movies/TV series

  • Request for specific Adventures in Zombiewood Actor Star Power Role (if interested)

how to play

And we would like to give a very special THANK YOU to renowned voice-actor


Mark is the voice behind so many characters you know and love:

  • Star Wars VI character, Salacious Crumb

  • Gremlins and mischievous Mogwais for the Gremlins films

  • Casper's Fatso Stinky & Stretch

  • And many more!

However, one role is very important to us ... Mark is the voice behind all of the zombies in George Romero's 1985 classic, DAY OF THE DEAD!

And now he can add another zombie role to his list, as he so graciously agreed to be the voice for all of OUR zombies featured in our timer soundtrack for Adventures in Zombiewood.  You are listening to him NOW!  Thanks to Mark, you now feel like you are in the DEAD center of a zombie horde as you play through each and every round of our game.  We can't thank him enough for providing the terrifying zombie growls, moans, and snarls that will have your fearing for your Actors' lives as you frantically roll your dice to escape the oncoming zombie onslaught.

Mark Dodson.jpg

Mark Dodson visiting the Baskerville Productions booth at CONtamination 2017.

 St. Louis, MO.

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