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Keep an eye on your inbox in mid-August!

KS coming soon.png
56 Theodore Annemann (any swap).png
13 Anna Eva Fay (double flip).png
20 Lulu Hurst (orth swap).png
10 Harry Houdini (move).png
12 Henry Box Brown (diag swap).png

Summon the powers of the
Masters who came before you...

1 Adelaide Herrmann (flip).png

To align the Prestidigitation Chips...

Game mat and Chips.png
20 Catherine Monvoisin - FRANCE.png
27 Tituba (yellow).png
36 Tokoloshe (black).png
13 Jean Murer (blue).png

In order to ultimately achieve the level of the Mythics!

To satisfy the Legends and accumulate the Lore behind them...

22 (Coatlicue).png
32 (Anubis) - Era 2_edited.png
18 (Mercury).png
Photo Apr 08 2024, 4 44 53 PM.jpg
Game Stats.png

150+ Unique Cards
4 Neoprene Mats
32 large weighted plastic chips
An official magic wand

But wait, there's more...


Included with this game will be access to our Exclusive Magic Trick Tutorials!!!
Hundreds of tricks explained through both video and detailed imagery - all there for YOU to learn.

Once the game has ended, the fun has just begun!

Keep an eye on your inbox on July 2nd!

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