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Send out your BSI to gather evidence cards

Use evidence cards with matching plot icons to arrest villains

Tail the villains with your BSI, fight for position on the Arresting Order track, and earn the assistance of Holmes, Watson and Wiggins

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Earn points from arresting villains, along with your inspector's personal set-collection objectives, to establish yourself as a rival to Sherlock Holmes


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 As Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

"Cadre of Champions"

The Original Sherlock Holmes and his Baker Street Irregulars is a card-drafting game where everyone takes their turn at the same time.  You are passed a set of cards from your neighbor and you must choose one to keep, while passing the rest on to your neighbor.  However, we include the additional factor of having to manage your BSI tokens (think of them like currency) throughout each round.

Draw a Plot Twist: These cards will let each round play just slightly differently, forcing you to alter your strategy to fit the event of the round.

Investigate Phase: Select a card from your hand and spend the required number of BSI tokens.

Arrest Phase: Arrest a Villain if you have Evidence cards with symbols that match all the symbols on the Villain card.  Hold on to the Evidence cards, as they will be used in end-game scoring of your personal/private Inspector objectives.
BSI Bonus: At the end of each Round you will get the opportunity to grab one more Evidence card or the assistance of Holmes, Watson or Wiggins, but the order will be based on how many BSI tokens you have remaining, so use them wisely.  Holmes, Watson and Wiggins each provide their own special one-time use ability for the following round of play.
Total Status Points (victory points): After 4 Rounds, each player totals up their status  points on Villains Arrested and also determines Inspector's set-collection objective scores to determine their total status points.  The player with the most status points earns the Sherlock Holmes metal figurine as a trophy... until the next time the game is played.
For a more in-depth look into how the game is played, feel free to check out the rough draft of our rulebook here.   Or check out this How to Play video by Be Bold Games!

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The Curious Case of the Four Letter Codes

In 1947 an early Sherlockian, Jay Finley Christ, reduced all 60 of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original adventures of Sherlock Holmes to four letter abbreviations. Please enter Sherlock's Baker Street digs below and click on any title to learn more about the case and read the full story.  

"Your time will not be misspent!" SILV

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Titles Highlighted in Yellow are still under Copyright Protection in the U.S.A. Our game is published with the kind permission of the Conan Doyle Estate Ltd.

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