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Sherlock Holmes and the Chester Baskerville Society

Michael McClure II in photo treasured and mentioned by Jeremy Brett in many interviews.
The Chester Baskerville Society members are devotees of the greatest detective who never lived ... Sherlock Holmes.  As the only Southern Illinois scion (branch) society of the International Baker Street Irregulars, our CBS meets irregularly to discuss all things related to Dr. Watson's friend. We enjoy the original adventures published by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the volumes of research concerning Holmes' career, as well as the plethora of movies, cartoons and pastiches that have elevated the detective to iconic proportions. Please click the Events tab at the top to view upcoming meetings. You may click on the tab below to meet some of our members, and please be sure to visit the bottom of this page for a slide show that gives a better idea of how we roll. For more information please feel free to contact us at .

Home of Cartwright's Companions

and the

Back Issues of Holmes for the Holidays


We have dedicated this webpage to fans of all ages for their further enjoyment of our world of Sherlock Holmes. The material showcased will be updated throughout the year. You will find seasonal offerings of Old Time Radio broadcasts, interesting videos, puzzles, games and mysteries to be solved. In 1989 we began with only a printed magazine, released five time each year, to extend the reach of our favorite detective to a wider age range of readers, and are now delighted to continue our mission of bringing you Holmes For The Holidays

Featured Old Time  Radio Broadcasts
That First Aired  60-70 Years Ago !!!

Mr. Sherlock Holmes In America" aired April 24, 1954Ben Abramson, Vincent Starrett and Early BSI by NWU
"The Limping Ghost" aired Sept. 3, 1945 on MBSBasil Rathbone and NigelBruce
"The Gunpowder Plot" aired Nov. 5, 1945 on MBSBasil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce
"Night Before Christmas" aired Dec. 24, 1945 on MBSBasil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce


First Permanent Granite Sherlock Statue Was Unveiled In The Americas On December 7, 2019 !


Listen To Episode 164 (Screen Above) Of
"I Hear Of Sherlock Everywhere"
For Our Statue's Genesis 
and All Of The Unique Opportunities.
Statue Specifics Start At 40 Min. Mark.

Sherlock Holmes of America
Mag Glass straight on image.jpg
Baker Street Babes.jpg

ABC Network Coverage Of The Dec. 7th Unveiling

To View FOX Network's Pre-Coverage 
On December 6, 2019 - Click Video Below

McClure interview 2.jpg

NBC and CW
Also Covered
The Event

Official Commemorative T-Shirts
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Shirt Front

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FINAL Sherlock & Segar shirt front.jpg
FINAL Sherlock & Segar shirt back.jpg

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Our CBS Logo Is Inspired By The 1954 Film
Inspired By The 1954 Film

Private Eye Popeye
Chester Baskerville Society lapel pin
CBS Society Pin
CBS logo

Logo Designed For Us In 1988
By Frank Caruso
King Features Syndicate

Private Eye Popeye

Private Eye Popeye animation art
Private Eye Popeye animation art

Four Original Storyboards Used  To Create The Film

Private Eye Popeye animation art
Private Eye Popeye animation art
CBS The Devonshire Chronicle
Our Early Journals

Hear How We Close Our CBS Meetings

Challenge Word Search From Our Very First Issue Of
Holmes For The Holidays

CBS Holmes For The Holidays
Sherlock Word Search

A Clever Parody Of The Great Detective
Created For Us By
Jeff Huddleston

Sherlock Cartoon

Watch Scottish Magician Colin McLeod
(also known as Colin Cloud)
He Has Been Described As The Real Life

Sherlock Puzzle

Engaging Moment
At Our June 2018
Baskerville Meeting

Sherlock has a puzzle for YOU.
He claims that no matter where
YOU live, something occurs
only once in June, and once in July,
and twice in August. What do YOU
think the answer is? YOU can find a
hint in this text if YOU indentify the
CAPITAL clue. Happy Deductions! 

HforH 5-3 March April 1994 back.jpg
HforH 5-3 March April 1994 Front .jpg
Holmes For The Holidays Summer Kite Flyi
Moriarty Maze

The Slideshow Below Is In BETA Format.
 Please Enjoy As We Update Often.
Click Right Arrows To Proceed.

The Singular History Of Our

Chester Baskerville Society Slideshow

To relax Sherlock wrote
a monograph on the
polyphonic motets
of Lassus ...
click below to hear
some of what inspired
him to do so!

Sherlock Gnomes
  starring Johnny Depp as the daunting detective was
released in USA and UK theaters on March 23, 2018. The movie cast toys from Burger King
 (see photo on left)
aid young fans in their exploration of  the great UnGnome!!!
Sherlock cartoon
Sherlock cartoon

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2009 Unveiling Of

Castor Oyl The Detective!

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Cropped Castor Oyl Chips.jpg

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Official Souvenir Issue

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The Unveiling Of

The Sherlock Castor Oyl Statue

In 2009


7.1b Popeye Comic_edited.jpg
Castor Oyl the Detective Comic page.png
7.0 Castor Oyl Unveiling_edited.jpg

Plus Actual Postage

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