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Sherlock Holmes

  And The Cryptic Clues


THE FINAL WORD in Sherlockian scholarship, this book takes you on a tour of the resting places of over 300 creations that were brought to life by that master storyteller, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Each Canonical cemetery represents a different adventure of the master detective, Sherlock Holmes.

The tombstones found in the graveyards offer epitaphs that reveal the honoree's ultimate demise or particular plot in life. It is a daunting task to consolidate a life to a few phrases, yet the effort has been undertaken and the fruits of this research have been recorded within the covers of this tomb ... err ... tome. No stone has been left unturned to illustrate the sentiments behind the epitaphs contained in this volume.  Whether funny, punny, poignant, or just plain awkward, the engravings represent THE FINAL WORD concerning the plights of hundreds of Canonical characters taken from all sixty stories. Notable Sherlockians are honored as their likenesses adorn the monuments as  effigies, and members of the Baker Street Irregulars and Adventuresses Of Sherlock Holmes are listed after the tales from which

 their Investitures were taken. 

Beware ... deathly prose doth lie within !


Paperback Edition (Current through 2020)..... $21.95

Hardcover Edition with Dust Jacket ....$32.95




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It's deucedly odd, but undeniably amusing!

Roger Johnson - as reviewed in The Sherlock Holmes Journal ... the official voice of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London

A welcome addition to every Baker Street Irregular's bookshelf! My life as the Irregular Historian would have been far easier had it been available when I was getting started!

Jon Lellenberg - He is an author, editor and Historian to the Baker Street Irregulars, as well as the Conan Doyle Estate's U. S. representative.

The author comes from a decidedly morbid background to bring us a decidedly clever work that features art, wit, and serious scholarship presented in a very unique way, and even manages to correlate BSI investitures.  It belongs on the bookshelf of every serious Sherlockian.

Dr. Jim Webb, BSI


We think it is remarkable! The format is, in our experience, unique and the content is quite scholarly (with none of the dreariness usually associated with books bearing the description of "scholarly"!) showing the intensity and scope of the author's research efforts. If this volume had existed before Steve Mason's "Essential 100" book survey, we would have certainty opted for the inclusion of Michael's "Cryptic Clues" therein.

Joel Senter - The Sherlockian E-Times ... January 2017 edition 


An unusual romp through graveyards, for sure!  Sherlockians will delight in the caricatures of friends, many instantly recognizable.  McClure's pawky sense of humor tickles the funny bone, and the cartoons would be fit for a Sherlockian version of The New Yorker!

Francine Kitts - B.S.I. , A.S.H. , and an untiring advocate of our Grand Game

A fantastic new book by Michael W. McClure. There really isn't another book like this on the market. It's poignant ... it's punny ... it is everything you would want in gallows humor and Sherlockiana.  Burt and I are thrilled to be included in this tome.

Scott Monty - I Hear Of Sherlock Everywhere Podcast #122

It's a terrific book. You should buy it ... we're deadly serious!

Burt Wolder - IHOSE Episode #123

This long awaited volume undertakes the correlation of Canonical corpses, delights in deliberation upon those deceased, and joins in the raillery of finely tuned mortuary merriment!

Dr. Acula's Department of Literature - Carfax Abbey


A shocking collection of research that seems to have Canonical doctors as the reasons for its very


existence. I thoroughly enjoy the volume, unless someone changes my mind again.

Frank N Stein - Nuts And Bolts Review

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The best edition of The Adventure of the Speckled Band currently available for first-time readers. The unabridged story and original Sidney Paget sketches are supplemented with 18 new COLOR illustrations and a fully annotated (explained) text. This 125th Anniversary collector's volume is a great way to introduce young and old alike to the captivating world of Sherlock Holmes. All of the ingredients are here for a compelling tale ... a locked room mystery, damsel in distress and a gloomy, centuries-old mansion surrounded by danger. Can Holmes solve the case before it is too late?

In 2018 The Chester Grade School Adopted Mike's Newly Annotated Version Of "The Adventure Of The Speckled Band" As A Part Of Its Spring Curriculum. Mike And His Wife,  Susan, 

Donated Over 80 Copies To Accommodate 

All Of The 7th Grade Students. 

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Our 36 Page Full Color

eBook Graphic Novel 

Takes The Reader On A

PUNishing Tour Through

Many Of The Major Films Of The Zombie Genre. A Plethora Of Pop Cultural References And Images Populate The Piece. Be Warned ...

You May Un-Die Laughing!

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Popeye & Friends

Character Trail

Official Souvenir Guidebook 

Thimble Theatre's 150th Anniv.

Commemorative Edition

The Unparalleled Resource

For Information On This Ever-Growing Exhibit Honoring Elzie C. Segar, The Creative Genius Behind Popeye The Sailorman And His Mates!

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The Baker Street News

Few Copies Remain Of This

Premiere Issue Of The Flagship

Journal Of The 

Chester Baskerville Society

(Presented To The Baker Street Irregulars At Their January 1994 Meeting)

64 Pages of Research, Whimsy And Illustrations Featuring:

 Peter Cushing's Self Portrait (Created For The CBS logo)

Convincing Research For The REAL Date Of Sherlock's Birth (by R. Vic Holly)

Interview With Henry Mancini (Regarding His Sherlockian Body Of Work)

B.S.I. contributors Jeff Decker, William R. Cochran, Michael W. McClure & More

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Holmes For The Holidays

Back Issues Available

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Official Souvenir Issue

Black & White Comic


The Unveiling Of

The Sherlock Castor Oyl Statue

In 2009

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Basil In The Wild West

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Original Source Stories For
The Walt Disney Movie

"The Great Mouse Detective"

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