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69-th ASTRONUTS-Text-2.png
69-th ASTRONUTS-Text-2.png
69-th ASTRONUTS-Body.png
69-th ASTRONUT-SecondMan-4.png
69-th ASTRONUTS-FirstMan-6.png
69-th ASTRONUTS-Body tilt right.png
69-th ASTRONUTS-Body sideways right.png
69-th ASTRONUT-SecondMan-7.png
68-th ASTRONUT-ThirdMan-6.png
69-th ASTRONUT-SecondMan-5.png
68-th ASTRONUT-ThirdMan-8.png
68-th ASTRONUT-ThirdMan-1.png
69-th ASTRONUTS-Body tilt right.png
69-th ASTRONUTS-FirstMan-5.png
69-th ASTRONUTS-Body.png
69-th ASTRONUTS-FirstMan-3.png

But While We Wait For 2024.....

       E. H. “Jack” McClure
        of Chester, Illinois
     was a proud American
  and an early supporter of
  NASA’s missions. Having
        been born in 1911,
       he had seen many
   advances in technology
           during his life,
   but space travel intrigued
   him the most. In July 1969
  he composed this song and
  lyrics to commemorate the
    1st manned Lunar landing. His son and two grandchildren, Michael II and Christine,              have incorporated his song (see the video featured above) in a tribute to the 50th
           Anniversary our first Lunar stroll AND the 25th Anniversary of his passing.

Jack’s Earthly mission ended 25 years after the Apollo 11 landing, but the pioneering spirit                                                      that inspired him continues…

                      A Special Thank You To NASA For Providing The Stellar Images!

  NASA Invites Public to Submit Names to                                                   Fly Aboard 2026
                                                    Mars Rover

JULY 20, 2026  Tenative Launch

Edited for Website Mars 2026 Boarding Pa

We're All On Board ... Will You Join Us?  It's FREE !!! 

  NASA Invited Public to Submit Names to                                                   Fly Aboard 2020
                                                    Mars Rover

2020 Mars Rover Boarding Pass_edited.jpg

WE LANDED FEB. 18. 2021

Will You Join Us For The Next Flight? See Details In Above Panel For 2026 Mars Rover Launch!

69-th ASTRONUTS-Body.png
69-th ASTRONUT-SecondMan-2.png
69-th ASTRONUT-SecondMan-2.png
WE ARE HERE video of our names ON Mars_P

Photo from MARS showing our names that are engraved on the Perseverance Rover's main frame support!!!

A closeup view of the three silicon chips which contain the nearly 11 million names that joined us on this special landing. 

WE ARE HERE Photo showing OUR names engr
FIRST sounds ever recorded on Mars' surface (light wind) with Rover's mechanical noise filteredCourtesy of Perseverance and NASA
00:00 / 00:18

Gorgeous 4K UHD Panorama View From Perseverance's 4th Martian day in Jezero Crater

68-th ASTRONUT-ThirdMan-5.png
Solar plasma streamer and bright Mercury

Solar plasma streamer and bright Mercury from Parker Solar Probe first images Nov 8 2018 at 27 million km away from sun

We're All On Board ... Did You Make It Too? 

NASA Enters the Solar Atmosphere for the First Time, Bringing New Discoveries


As Parker Solar Probe passed through the corona on encounter nine

(Dec. 2021) , the spacecraft flew by structures called coronal streamers. These structures can be seen as bright features moving upward in the upper images and angled downward in the lower row. Such a view is only possible because the spacecraft flew above and below the streamers inside the corona. Until now, streamers have only been seen from afar. They are visible from Earth during total solar eclipses.

Credits: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Naval Research Laboratory

69-th ASTRONUT-SecondMan-1.png
69-th ASTRONUTS-Body tilt right.png

NASA just turned 63 years old! Now you can help them with their research!

Apollo16- 17 Last on the moon NASA.jpg
69-th ASTRONUTS-FirstMan-6.png
69-th ASTRONUT-SecondMan-1.png

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