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Once a month the Mississippi Valley Art Guild selects one of its own and honors them as Artist of the Month. The honoree's creations are displayed at several facilities throughout the City. We are very proud of our talented, dedicated artisans and are delighted to promote their art in our community. 


Greg Durham

The MVAG featured artist of the month of January is Greg Durham.
Durham from Chester is an experienced photographer who enjoys shooting wildlife & sporting events.
Several years ago he was fortunate to shoot photos in Northern Canada with the National Geographic’s Journeys program. The trip allowed him to to get close and personal to polar bears in their natural habitat. He’s also traveled to Alaska to photograph brown bears as well.
Durham is known for gifting sports photos to Coaches/High Schools in Perryville & in Chester. In fact he cherishes the “media excellence award” he received from the Chester H.S. for his media coverage of student athletes.
His photos are displayed @ Southern Illinois Eye Center, Buena Vista Bank, Reids’ Harvest House, the public Library, & St. Nicholas Landmark in Chester.
The guild meets the last Monday of each month @ 6 pm on 611 State street in Chester. 


Kerringtyn Malley

Kerringtyn Malley is currently a senior at Chester High School and is the MVAG featured artist for the month of February. She is the daughter of Ty and Nikki Malley.

She has been accepted to both Savannah College of Art & Design and Columbia College in Chicago to obtain an art degree in illustration, Gaming Art & Digital Art.

Throughout her time at Chester H.S., she has won competitions for her artwork. During her Freshman, Sophomore, & Junior years, she was awarded the Southern Illinois School Press Association for


She has maintained High Honors throughout her high school career and is a member of the National Honor Society.

Her artwork is displayed in Chester at St Nicholas Landmark, Reids’ Harvest House, Buena Vista Bank, the public library, & Southern Illinois Eye Center.

The guild meets the last Monday of each month at 6 PM on 611 State Street in Chester.

John Reith.jpg

John Reith

John Reith from Chester Il is a photographer and the MVAG’s featured Artist of the month for March. He has been a guild member for several years and is an avid supporter of other local and regional artists. He draws inspiration from many forms and enjoys working with landscape/cityscape, industrial, and architecture subjects the most. His preferred medium is Mixed Media, taking his original works and manipulating them with post editing software or introducing other mediums such as paint and ink. His artworks are displayed in Chester at the Southern Illinois Eyecare, St Nicholas Landmark, Buena Vista Bank, the Public Library, and Reids’ Harvest House.

The guild meets the last Monday of each month at 6 PM on 611 State Street in Chester.

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