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MASTERS (samples)

Our game contains special, originally illustrated playing cards and eight 40mm solid tokens … and is to be played on a table (it is not playable online at this time, but may be converted at a future date). The game is made of high-quality cards representing the MASTERS (real magicians from the last 200 years), the LEGENDS (pseudo-real people with incredible/legendary magical powers … like Merlin from early Britain), and the MYTHICS (ancient deities from all across the world). The Master cards feature different icons on the bottom of their cards that represent three categories of modern day magic (transformation, transposition, and telekinesis). The chips (each featuring an additional category of magic) are placed in a grid on the table, and the Masters’ powers, as listed above, are used to change the looks of the chip grid during your turn. You are attempting to move these chips to make a special combination of icons that will match the LEGENDARY cards. The Legendary cards showcase additional icons that will earn the player MYTHIC cards ... all of which carry varied point values that contribute to the accumulation of the highest score in the game. As each player takes their turn, EVERY player has options and decisions to make, therefore there is never a dull moment for the participants. Also the game is never played the same way twice, which keeps the game fresh every time it is played.


After the game is completed, players are rewarded with special online links (and QR codes) to discover real effects taught by today's professional magicians. Each magician/tutor will be featured in a video where they perform a public domain trick, explain the effect, and then have the option to advertise their services, products or magic shops (a completely FREE offer we are granting those performers willing to help us). The addition of this advertising helps elevate the value of the game ... it is an opportunity for the gamer to learn more about our art from each featured magician, AND it gives the magician a new source of potential income.
That winds up being a WIN for everyone! 

LEGENDARY (samples)


 Participants wanting to have their face in every one of our magic games sold, need to choose historically established legends or mythological dieties that have stories already recorded regarding their exploits. Our suggested listings are obviously not a complete record of ALL such personalities, and we are open to suggestions and requests for additional entries. If someone really wants to be the face for a fabled or ancient magi not found on the lists, we would love to speak with them. Our only caution is that we want to keep a diversity in the culture and ethnicity needed to represent world-wide magic. There are many European candidates found in the two categories, and we would happily replace some of them with those ancient magi of other ancestry. We would need to correspond with the interested party to discuss their suggested match. We are striving to include as many females as possible among the LEGENDS and MYTHICS, since so very few were performing during the MASTERS' parameters. Please check out our official lists below, and consider choosing one character to have your image represent in EVERY game we sell ... if it is as successful as our last endeavor, The Original Sherlock Holmes and his Baker Street Irregulars, we will see volumes of sales across the globe! Come join the fun!!!  ($130 USD Art fee)



(samples of artwork only - each card will have unique icons)

Mercury  (Roman)


Haumea  (Hawaiian)

Frigg (Norse)

Frigg as Vicki.png
Veles as Miro.png

Veles  (Slavic)

Tezcatlipoca  (Aztec)


Xuanwu  (China)

Our game is engaging to play and our attention to the historical details makes it educational for both seasoned practitioners and fans alike, but we feel that our "secret sauce" will provide a gateway into the huge Gaming community, and therefore expose these players to the very thing that hooked most of us at the beginning .... seeing a magical effect performed, and then learning that WE can do this!!! Our goal is to offer the Art of Magic's rewarding opportunities to a whole new demographic of young and mature gamers across the globe who are going to love magic  ...

they just don't know it yet!

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MYTHIC deities


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