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What it is and 
why it is safe to use

What is Kickstarter?


Kickstarter is an online fundraising platform.  Creators post their project along with details, potential risks and progress updates.  Others can pledge money towards their project.  This is referred to as a “crowdfunding platform.” 

What is crowdfunding?

The creator sets a monetary goal and a deadline.  Supporters (like you) pledge money towards the project (based on the Pledge Levels for the campaign).  If the project’s funding goal isn’t met by the deadline, the supporters are not charged for their pledges and the creator receives no money.  If the project does fund, then the supporters are provided the "reward" for their pledge - in most cases, this is the item for which the project was directly related to funding the creation.

Why is it such a trusted and successful service?

  • Creators are encouraged to be open and engaging with supporters.

  • It is a great way for creators to offer discounts/exclusive deals that won’t be available at retail.

  • The site is safe and secure as it acts like a third party, so you are not providing any financial information to the creator directly.

Still not sure?​  If you have further concerns about Kickstarter, feel free to check out their FAQ.

After creating an account, we would GREATLY appreciate it if you would take the time to follow our project page for Masters to Mythics.  Not only will you get an email the moment that our project goes live, but it will also help us out considerably by boosting our game as one of the most anticipated games in the Upcoming Games category.  Thank you for helping us ensure a successful launch! 

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